Local man posted “So that was Scotland’s summer” status on Thursday, chuffed af the day.

Dylan Campbell (29) of Inveraray was celebrating the disgustingly cold downpours over the West Coast today after posting up a highly unoriginal but slightly wry ‘So that was Scotland’s Summer’ status on Thursday accompanied by a photo of picture perfect Loch Fyne.

“Yeah mate, told you so but.” said Dylan, supping a pint of Dark Fruits in the gloom of the George and talking in that weird Weegie accent folk down there have. “Shinty season was starting, so it was sure to start pissing down. Sure as night follows day.”

However, it was a pyrrhic victory for Mr Campbell, “You’re from the Daily Gael right? Can you print for me if anyone is doing lifts the night? I can’t be arsed paying for a taxi to the hoorhouse in Ardrishaig. I’d usually take the pushbike but with the rain the way it is man, I’m no doing that.”