Lana Del Rey has dropped the ultimate #croftgirlsummer anthem, and we can’t get enough

Ever since #croftgirlsummer started trending back in April before it became #thirdbongliewinter and we went a little stir crazy in our rented caravan, we’ve been waiting for the ultimate blissful track to soundtrack it, as there haven’t been any ambient chillout mixes of Peat & Diesel released.

Enter Up state New York chanteuse Lana Del Rey with her new track Blue Banisters, and she is straight into the Croft Girl vibes, all wellies and daisy dukes and padded shirts as she intones on the first line “There’s a picture of me on the wall, of me on a John Deere.” No more Bugatti Veyrons for a’ Bhean Uasal Del Rey it seems: you can’t fit a ewe in the back of one of them.

Now we always took Lana for a New Holland girl, except Archie who was adamant she would be into Fords as the quintessential Blue American brand, but she evidently has as always paid attention to pop culture trends and given a shoutout to the #croftgirlsummer with her seal of cool approval.

Contradictory as always though LDR sings later “I said I’m scared of the Santa Clarita Fires” – this must be some falaisg that’s gone out of control, as she takes on the persona of a concerned incomer watching Angus the Poke just torching 200 acres of moor. Lana doubles down on the falaisgearachd imagery with the B-side to her new release called Wildflower Wildfire.

Lana, real name Ealasaid Ghrannd as always had an afinity for Scotland, so maybe it won’t be long until she’s moving to the West Coast where if you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing and paraphrasing an old song of hers singing Baby We Were Born To Lie (on our business plan submission to the Crofters Commission.)

#croftgirlsummer is heating up. You can catch Lana’s ode to the Green and Gold Titan Treabhadh here