“Just give us the Gaelic Specific Grant and piss off.” local council tell Government

The local council have decided to end the charade of accountability by admitting that they just want the ringfenced Gaelic money from the Scottish Government but have no intention of having any accountability for how it is spent or the lack of progress in recent years in Gaelic in their area.

“These Government types need to realise we need that cash for, I dunno, other shit. Just give us the money and thalla is cac, not like we’ll spend it on the teachers we say we need but don’t ever bothering giving contracts to. Our strategy now is that Glasgow won’t be so attractive to young teachers because O’ Neills is shutdown.” Said a council official

They finished their statement with “Thankfully, most of us who have responsibility for this are at that level in the council where we will just get a sideways move into a seconded position instead of our jotters because our higher ups are even more incompetent than us.”