“Just build the MV Hebrides again and again” Calum John tells Calmac Inquiry

With everyone from Jim McColl, to CMAL, to the Scottish Government trying to pass the buck regards who’s to blame for two Gas powered ferries being massively delayed and over budget, a local Lewis man, only known as Calum John, has appeared in front of the Holyrood Committee tasked with sweeping it under the carpet to give his hot take.

Calum John told the MSPs “Simple, stop messing around with designing and building bespoke boats and just build the MV Hebrides again and again.”

“It has everything you want. It sails most of the time, except when the Hearachs get jumpy, it’s got a bar, it’s got video games, it’s got a bar, the crew are good craic and it’s got a bar.”

“I don’t like this committee room, it looks like the back end of the MV Loch Seaforth, but instead of having tourists’ dogs running riot, there’s Luke Van Beek and Jim McColl snarling away.”

“I tell you if they built it at Arnish we wouldn’t have these problems. Also where the fleek is Glen Sannox co-dhiù?”