“It was either Mugabe or Hunt” say WHO

The UK Government has registered its disgust at Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe being made a World Health Organisation (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador.

However, the Daily Gael’s Whitehall sources* claim it’s nothing to do with Mugabe’s horrendous human rights record, disregard for basic democracy and the parlous state of Zimbabwe’s health service, but the fact that Jeremy Hunt didn’t get the job.

“Downing Street really are fizzing.They think Jeremy has done an incredible job of making the Health Service in England and Wales into a Third World system, and enabled them to cut funding via the block grant for Scotland’s NHS at the same time.”

“The feeling is Zimbabwe have a built in advantage of already being a third world country and it’s all rather a rum do, like the end of the Empire never happened.”

For their part WHO said “They were two good candidates to create a nightmare for our PR team, but Mr Mugabe edged it on the fact he is freaking ancient. Most people his age struggle to control their prostate, let alone the entire apparatus of state.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was not asked for comment, just in case the inevitable happened and he threw a Cecil Rhodes quote in.

*(talking to someone we reckoned was Angus Brendan in the toilets at the Mòd cèilidh in the Nevis Centre last night)