Highland mum onto 47th picture challenge of Lockdown

Highland mum, Lindy MacGregor of Milton is keeping herself busy in lockdown by sharing on pretty much every Facebook and insta challenge that comes her way.

Having done the positivity challenge, the 30 day music challenge, me at 20, that dank Bill Clinton meme, even her husband’s 5 players that made me fall in love with football, and many more besides, Lindy is now onto that one where you just post up a random picture of anything.

“My kids are shit at drawing rainbows, and I’ve realised I’ve done a crappy job raising the little craphounds in general so they’re a proper letdown at producing any content for social media.” said Lindy.

“I also know that hoor Mhairi didn’t mean that ⭐️ she sent me saying I could count on her. Count on her to shag the drummer in any trad band that comes to town maybe and leave me to walk 5 miles home in my heels after landing me with the taxi-fare.”