Hebrides Tunnel network “got to have Drive-thru Mariners Cafes” demands hungry Uibhisteach

Angus Brendan MacNeil’s proposal for a subsea tunnel network connecting various parts of the Hebrides has sparked a great deal of positive reaction and buzz on-line.

The MP for na h-Eileanan an Iar has been a big fan of Scandanavian trenches for a good while now, and with the Faeroe Islands rocking a sexy set of submarine roundabouts these days, AB has pretty much said to Michael Matheson, the Transport Minister “Well cove, what’s doing? Put your hand in your pocket!”

Even the Glasgow Herald managed to print a half decent article about it without making it look like the SNP were planning to power the whole thing with babyboxes or something, or getting Patrick Harvie to say how West-coasters should travel more by train.

However, Duncan Campbell from just outside Lochmaddy was not so positive. “I use Calmac a lot when I’m heading off to sea, and I ‘ve got major concerns about this plan. I now a lot of the boys up in Lewis feel the same way. I get famished on the boat, and I won’t eat Skye food, let me tell you that. Whole island is just delis selling smelly candles and sundried tomato wraps these days. Only way I’d go in a tunnel is if they’d have a wee Calmac drive-thru down there, for a srupag and a marag roll at least. Angus Brendan says they have a roundabout on the Faeroese one, so with technology these days they could do it I’m sure.”

A spokesperson for Traffic Scotland said “We have done feasibility studies on a tunnel between Mull and Oban, but the costs of serving half-rice and half-chips at such a depth means that it is still not cost effective at the moment.”