Greta Gerwig snubbed for FilmG and Twitter is having none of it

Greta Gerwig, the director of FilmG entry Boireannaich Bheaga has been snubbed for this years FilmG shortlists and Twitter is having none of it.

Yet again the Gaelic film competition has been in a firestorm after Kevin Hart was unceremoniously dropped as a host last year when it emerged he’d liked David Mitchell’s video about Gaelic.

“Can’t believe that they nominated the kids at Sgoil Stafainn ahead of her! When will the Academy recognise that there is more than just Skye in Gaelic short film?” Blasted @ThaDrathaisMòrOrm738

Other criticism was hurled with the twitter hashtags #FilmGSoGealAgusSgitheanach – “Where are the people of BME and non-Skye People” asked @SabhalMòrJusticeWarrior?

“I’m disappointed that it isn’t all just Peat & Diesel ripoffs tbh” said @BoydieAreMySpiritAnimal

Film G replied “Look we had a limited window to work with the judges, once the sandwiches run out Darren MacLean just gets up and leaves, so just be happy we got a shortlist out at all.”