Genius invents new cereal – Quality Street-a-bix

Donald Crichton from Dingwall has invented the worlds greatest cereal – Quality Street-a-bix.

“For too long people have had to make a choice between a healthy nutritious breakfast, and a fistful of mostly pleasant chocolate” said Mr. Crichton.

“I first got the idea after enjoying a traditional battered quality street supper” from a chippy in Invergordon. Anything can be cereal if you truly believe in yourself.”

Quality Street-a-bix contains less than 400% of you daily sugar allowance and also comes in a light version consisting only of the wrappers.

“It hasn’t all been success and glamour” said Donald.

“Early trials of holiday fusion cuisine like “Mince Pie-rridge” led to my wife leaving me.”

“Her loss” he laughed while spooning a milky coconut fudge into his face.

Quality Street-a-bix is available from Donald’s car outside of the big Tesco in Dingwall.