Gary now relegated behind dogs, prosecco and that BBC Alba ballet advert in girlfriend’s affection

West coast workie Gary Mackinnon is confronting his most recent relegation in the affections of his live-in partner, Kareen.

Having spent the last few years quietly accepting of his third class status, Gary has taken umbrage about the fact that the new BBC Alba Christmas trailer set has bumped him into fourth place.

Kareen explained the situation “Love a bit of fizz, and really needs my hugs from my doggo and pupper suffering with a hangover after a night on the zoom with my girls, but this BBC Alba advert with the ballet dancer? ÀÀÀÀÀÀÀlainnnnnnn! I haven’t felt like this is in a long time, maybe not since the Sian album, definitely my favourite new thing.”

Gary wasn’t taking it well “I’m not taken with getten bumped into the Europa League places mate. Can’t remember last time I got an “àlainn” let alone appeared on her insta story. I never used to be one of those invisible insta bfs but now I only ever get a mention when I don’t do some DIY nonsense she bought in a splurge at B&M. I’m allergic as fuck to those hairy pink cushions she got 5 for £20 as well.”

Kareen was asked if she was concerned about Gaz feeling neglected or that they seem to be drifting apart. “No way, we’re fully planning on getting married maybe in 2027. Gavin’s a good provider and we had a nice holiday to Gran Canaria in 2018. I know Grant does a trade. What’s that one with the pipes? It’s not that one. Something with wood maybe. A roofer I’m going to guess. It’s on the side of the van, Graham Mackinnon Scaffolding, something like that. Looking forward to a night with the girlies when this is all over.”