Gary marks 8th year of asking at the last minute if anyone selling Belladrum tickets

With the festival that nobody, not even its mother, calls the Tartan Heart Festival happening at Belladrum this weekend, Gary MacGillvray, honest sparkie and sort of stepdad to Shania and Jayden, has put out his annual Tuesday night request for tickets, continuing a streak that began in 2012.

“Gaz” told the Daily Gael “Every year it’s a bit different and now I’ve got the girlfriend’s kids to think about I’m looking for four Friday-Saturday tickets, in quiet camping with access to the showers – if you’ve got that then PM me bud.”

When pressed by the Daily Gael as to why he doesn’t just buy tickets when they come out even though he goes every year, Gaz said;

“It’s all part of the thrill, despite the fact I’ve got the whole long weekend booked off every year, I never bother going for tickets until the Tuesday night before, love the buzz, but its a hoora weekend. Got to get in early doors catch the Colonel Mustard and the Dangleberries, dress up in whatever cultural appropriated theme the organisers have gone for like Cowboys and Indians or something, work our way through some warm Pimms then watch whatever hasbeen-onehit-wonder-from-the90s they have headlining before the fireworks and then driving blatantly over the limit past the cops the next morning when we get chucked off the camping at 8.15am. People make the Highlands!”

Thankfully, your intrepid Daily Gael reporter was able to fix Mr MacGillvray up with his required tickets thanks to our uncle Calum Malcolm who wanted to offload his full weekend pass and yurt after he made the mistake of listening to Lewis Capaldi’s album instead of watching his hilarious social media posts about how much of a lovable fud Noel Gallagher is.

“Lifesaver mun” was Gary’s reply.