Game of Thrones Prequel to be based at Bòrd na Dothraki

Whilst HBO’s must-watch show Game of Thrones came to a much debated and some would say highly divisive ending this year, plans are already hotting up for the anticipated prequel series which will be a “unique partnership” with MG Alba.

Show runner Dominic MacSween-Cohen said “We have a thousands of years of Westeros and Essos history and pre-history to delve into. George R. R. Martin’s Legendarium is packed full of political intrigue and petty violence and backstabbing so we’re looking at the back story and the tale of Bòrd na Dothraki is one that we’re excited to tell.

In Martin’s unpublished original manuscript “A Saga of Blood Sausage and Smoked Cormorant” Bòrd na Dothraki was set up to aid the development of the ancient Dothraki tongue, and to provide advice on Dothraki Medium Education.

It’s quite unclear otherwise from Martin’s writing what the Bòrd does but the plot synopsis for the pilot episode says “We follow the tribulations of various Khals as they struggle to revive Dothraki in the Great Grass Sea, despite having several Dothraki Medium Schools in the Free Cities. They have to come up against enemies such as Plan the Toothless, and deal with the bureaucrats of Slaver’s Bay as various members of the Dosh Khaleen quit or have to leave.”

Dominic MacSween-Cohen said “We are very excited about the stories we have to tell. There’s bloodletting, backstabbing, long drawn out scenes talking about policy, all the things that GoT fans love, and don’t worry we’ll add in some gratuitous shagging. We even have an ancestor of Daenerys who makes a strong stand against the Dothraki, saying “I’m not against Dothraki but it was never spoke here so what about funding for Low Valyrian?” before going all out and burning all the bilingual way-signs with dragon fire.”