Five Reasons Skye is the most Awesomest Place on the Planet Right Now!

Cho teth an-dràst!Skye is so hot right now! From top level Donnie Munro approved cuisine to banging bagpipe tunes by Niteworks to gonzo BMX uber-mensch Danny MacAskill, the Misty Isle is the place to be! Here’s five reasons why you need to make Skye your next stop on your bucket list before the tourist tax kicks in.

  1. Vibrant Club Scene

You don’t think that banging club music scene comes from a “wee nip o’ whisky” do you? Portree, the islands capital has a vibrant cultural mileu based around the iconic Somerled Square – get some ching in the Isles, a little swedge in the Camanachd, it’s all good although sadly the famed Royal Public is no more – hit up the non-stop at the Community Centre before it stops at 11.30pm.

  1. International Takeaway Culinary Experience

You could visit the Three Chimneys, Kinloch Lodge or Scorrybreck but the real winner is the Fat Panda in Portree. Despite having almost a million Chinese tourists a year, the successor to Skye institution, Stevie’s Kitchen, is renowned for having 100+ options which all are mysteriously the one dish. And if you want a decent takeaway in the South of the Island? Drive over the Bridge to Kyle and bring one back over with you to eat.

  1. Political Activism

Skye is a rebel island! They kicked out the tolls on the Skye Bridge and voted Yes in the recent Independence Referendum in 2014 but recently all its old people have got rather upset at the fact the hospital in Portree is shutting down so they are all threatening to vote Tory. These crazy Sgitheanachs, so contrary, that even the LibDems might be able to make a comeback!

  1. Danny MacAskill

Actually Danny is pretty cool and fairly hard to satirise – watch The Ridge and have a good cry and forget that Red Bull will leave your heart like a dried out grapefruit rattling around a creel.

  1. It isn’t Lewis

Mountains, actually giving a nominal toss about their Gaelic language, half decent shinty team, if you want to experience the best of the Hebrides but don’t mind paying through the nose for a bed and breakfast, come to Skye – no beaches mind.