First Snow heralds start of Summer

People across the Highlands are celebrating the beginning of summer after the first summer blizzard began in earnest near Aviemore.

The first summer snow is the traditional start of the great migration where vast herds of rural highlanders brave treacherous roads and swarms of biting flies to visit relatives they hate in the South.

“This is fantastic news, hopefully it will kill all the midgies but spare the livestock and my family this year” said Karen Newman of Newtonmore.

“People thought I was mad when I installed a wood burning stove in the car! But this’ll show them!” said Mad Dave from Culloden.

“I bought some shorts the other day on sale but my wife just looked through me like I wasn’t even there. I have burned them with last years pair for warmth” said Colin  – a Glaswegian now resident in a vast never ending stetch of fuck-all near Kincraig.

Tourists already appear to be heading north, to conquer the majestic Highland peaks in their sandals, as is tradition.

The Cairngorm reindeer herd was is said to be “delighted” but unavailable for comment at this time.