Emily in Paris renewed for season 2 but renamed Emily in Harris

Guilty pleasure binge watch “Emily in Paris” has been renewed for a second season. However the show has taken a turn with the luxury marketing executive from Chicago (played by Lily Collins) being despatched to Harris to secure a few hundred bolts of Clò Hearach.

The announcement was launched with a tongue-in-cheek letter from Emily’s boss Paris Sylvie to her American boss Madeline saying “Tha i fhèin mach à seo agus air a’ bhàta dhan Tairbeart. Tha i dol dh’fhuireach ann an taigh-comhairle anns an t-Òb.”

Locals are looking forward to the boost in tourism. Ailig Eòghainn from Grosebay said “I haven’t been able to see the show because my broadband is so cac but from what I hear the move to Harris is absolutely in keeping with the show’s aesthetics. We’re used to completely over the top stereotypes of our lifestyle and culture, and weird approximations of our accents being used on TV after the Call the Midwife episode.”

A producer for Netflix said “Emily will fit in very well in na Hearadh, with selfies on the beach after a bit of surfing, some nice Harris Tweed outfits and lots of Gin. We’re also going to hook her up with a rugged but severe FP love interest from Scalpay called Tormod. Watch the sparks fly as Emily is forced to decide between the rigours and ecstasies of strict Presbyterianism in service of God or returning to her Worldly and sinful existence in the French Capital.”

All Hearachs are also proud Phil Collins fans so they will be happy to have the Prog-rocker’s actor daughter milling about the Bays.

The Call the Midwife Christmas Special continues to make its way slowly through the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague.