DuoLingo to kill off Iain to make way for new plotlines

With Scottish Gaelic DuoLingo hitting 200,000 learners and everyone scrambling to take credit/advantage/use it for the furthering of their own political agenda/to finally have something enjoyable to do in Nairn, the language learning app has announced a shock end of season twist.

Daibhidh MacCailleachOidhche who is in charge of the script writing team told the Gael “We’ve only gone and done it. We’ve taken the decision to kill off Iain. We’re going to milk it though. You won’t know until we release the update who it was. Màiri, Dòmhnall, or a bad plate of guga.”

Another favourite is for the chop – “We’ve also thought long and hard about the Irn-Bru thing – it’s just not the same without the full sugar and that revival stuff doesn’t solve the ceann goirt is aithreachas in the same way. However, it’ll still be available in the Midminch to Dalriadan/EPG course we’re developing.”

“We understand that there is a dedicated bunch of slash fiction folk who all individually post the same Iain/Drathais/Irn-bru stuff in the online forums on the Gaelic Dark Web, but it’s time for new plotlines.”