Democracy ‘holidays in Spain’


Plato: 'I was never a fan.'

Plato: ‘I was never a fan.’

Democracy has this year chosen Spain as its preferred location for its annual holiday from the UK. The struggling form of government said earlier that it was “completely knackered from sitting in the office and not doing much,” in the run-up to this year’s election.

The form of governing has according to some sources, grown tired of being side-lined by other political ideologies. Last month our political editor, Some One, held an exclusive interview with Democracy.

“Every time I walk into the office nowadays, everyone just ignores me. Autocracy tripped me up then gave me a wedgie the other day. When you’re sharing an office with Oligarchy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism and Tyranny, things can get a little rough for forms of government like me.

My only friend, Republicanism, left last year because Dictatorship stole his wife and sold her to Communism. I’ve just been so lonely since he left.”

Bullying between forms of government has been commonplace since at least feudal times. However, over recent years more and more ideologies have been leaving to go on longer holidays in sunny places.

Political Scientist David Garden-Sprinkley said, “the forms of government and ideologies that leave are almost all suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies. In order to keep these guys, we really need to make a new deal with the sun. It’s about 4000 years since we stopped worshipping it, and it was round about then that it started raining all the time.”