Darren Maclean refusing to leave FUNC green room

After the historic result in America last night, incumbent King of Gaelic Comedy, Darren Maclean is refusing to leave the FUNC green room.

“My Trump impression has singlehandedly made Gaelic Comedy great again. They are trying to steal this series from me.” Said the singer turned impersonator from Skye whose “MAGÀs Mo Rathad” single was a big hit in 2016.

“Mr Maclean’s Trump impression gave a respectable veneer to some of the darkest impulses of Gaelic comedy; Leòdhasachs in flat caps, Cailleachs, punchlines sa Bheurla. Tha an t-àm ann gluasad air adhart.” Said Eòsaph Biden, who filled in his PRAEG survey for the last 50 years and eventually got picked for some scented candles in the prize draw.

”Don’t blame me, I voted for Tormod à Carlabhagh.” Said Chrissie Ann, 82 à Carlabhagh. “Tha an duine sin comic.”