Croft child asking Santa for “Sheepdog that poops Tatties” again

Young Ailean MacNeil has written a heartfelt letter asking Santa for a Border Collie that poops potatoes for the third year in a row.

“He asks for this every year” said Ailean’s despondent parents. “He runs down the stairs on Christmas morning expecting the woof of a Collie and the excited thud of potatoes on the living room carpet only to have his heart broken by hundreds of pounds worth of toys and electronics.”

“Last year we got him an Xbox and he used it to plow the garden. He broke it in two but he said it was better for plowing that way”.

“He is incredibly hard to buy for. We asked him to write a list but the only other thing he asked for was something called ‘fence turnip’. What the fuck even is that? Is it a fence made of turnips or a turnip made of fences?”

“It’s a fence made of turnips obviously” sighed Ailean. “They know nothing about crofting.”