Connel mans discovers mythical North Connel

Connel resident Hector MacArthur has this week discovered with amazement the existence of neighbouring North Connel. 

Thomas set foot across the Connel bridge with weeks worth of provisions like a modern day Christopher Columbus before being forced to turn back, as he forgot his phone.

On the his second expedition Hector reached the Lochnell Arms Hotel where he has spent weeks recovering from his arduous journey on foot – by drinking Tennents and getting the craic.

“For centuries our forefathers told tales of the mythical other Connel like it was some sort of teuchter Shangri La. I didn’t think I would actually see it with my own eyes, never mind eat nachos and drink pints there.”

“I always assumed that the thing across the water was either a giant mirror or a mirage. How wrong I was.”

“They have an airport but we have a train station and a shop. Mind-blowing.”

“I have learned their language and their ways and plan to live amongst them as I have spent the £1.70 I needed for the bus back to civilisation.”