Complete morons manage to not think Daily Gael article is real for once

Joan from Evanton
Clive from Ardrishaig

April Fool.

Of course they didn’t. Many, many people are very, very stupid and will continue to simultaneously make us laugh and destroy our faith in humanity with their straightfaced outraged comments and shares of quite blatantly ridiculous Daily Gael articles and memes.

But we can’t complain really about you belters doing so as it always helps our likes tick up ever closer to the Holy Grail of overhauling the Ullapool News, so many regards for the year to come ya roasters.

Le gach deagh dhùrachd, a h-uile latha a chì ‘s nach fhaic. Mòran gaoil!

bho the Hardcore Yoon, Raving Nat, Anti-English, Anti-Scottish, Transphobic, SJW Snowflake Lamppost Identifying, Faoghlach, Nessie smearing, Guga loving, Invergordon hating Daily Gael Editorial Sgioba.*

*Only one of these is actually true. Fuck Invergordon.