Chudge Shizzum declares Breasclete part of The Cursed Earth

The Chudges, the lawmakers and officers of Mega Cearn a h-Aon have declared that all non-mutant citizens from Breasclete and Bernera must evacuate to the safety of Mega Cearn a h-Aon or face chudgement as these are now defined as part of the The Cursed Earth, devoid of drinking water, vegetation and primary schools.

“We are concerned about Mega Cearn Civs living in the radlands so its best to move them and their spawn into the safety of our conurbation. This way we can stop insurrectionists and let their spawn be raised knowing that we are the law.” said Chief Chudge Shizzum.

In other reforms, all Chudge functions in Tar-Bit-Cit, Mega Yooist One and Mega Yooist Two will now be delivered by E-Chudge, with arrest, sentencing and punishment meted out via online megaweb apps to citizens of these who will have a chip embedded in their brain.

“Grokk. Tha seo a’ dol a mharbhadh Gàidhlig anns na h-Eileanan Siar.” said one of mutants left behind speaking some strange Cursed Earth patois, the last of its kind, it’s bilingual three eyes unblinking yet sorrow filled, unable to cry, staring into the ravaging atomic gust coming in off the Dried Ocean.