Charles Kennedy doc gives Uncle Angus opportunity to imply Blackford did a ‘House of Cards’

The late, great and dearly beloved ex-Libdem leader Charles Kennedy’s life is being commemorated with a documentary “A Good Man Speaking” on BBC Alba tonight.

A look back on the all too short life of a Highland laddie who became a fixture in Scottish and UK politics will surely bring back fond memories of the Fort William man who sadly passed away in Summer 2015. Mr Kennedy had suffered many years of illhealth in particular with alcohol and was a heavy smoker.

His untimely death came only a month after losing his seat in the Westminster Parliament in an election where the SNP surged post Indyref and the Libdem voted was decimated due to their participation in the Coalition government. Mr Kennedy called it the “Night of the Long Sgian Dubhs”

It also has given our Uncle Angus who usually shares memes about stopping immigrants the opportunity to become greatly concerned about how Mr Kennedy was treated in the 2015 election by his successor, Ian Blackford.

Uncle Angus “Aye that Blackford he really did a number on Charles. Charles would still be with us if they hadn’t had an election campaign against him in my opinion. Politics is not something that should be petty and angry, I’m shocked! What a nasty bully, but what do you expect from a Skyeman?”

Angus then went off into a QAnon style rant “What I’m really to trying to imply, wink wink, is that well, we all saw that House of Cards, and it’s not just the humble crofter, Spacey looks a bit like Salmond if you squint, you know its unforgiveable, I spit when I say the words SNP. I’m not saying anything, I’m just implying. “

We reminded Uncle Angus that he used to always make jokes about Charles Kennedy’s struggles with alcoholism himself, he said “Oh no, I would never have voted for him, too liberal and too fond of the dram. I voted Tory that election because that Ruth Davidson, she spoke sense you know and was much better on Have I Got News For You? You need people like her to stand up to Wee Krankie. Also bullying is wrong”