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Vatersay Turtle had over 400 Scones in Stomach

Coroners have confirmed that a Giant Leatherback Turtle that washed up on Vatersay was killed by

Puffins – “See you next year Scotland, it’s been sh*te.”

Scotland’s Atlantic Puffins are gearing up to leave their clifftop colonies and return to sea because

Escaped raccoon has gone completely radge

Members of the public have been warned not to approach the Highland escaped raccoon because he

Bacon Causes Cancer but Booze and Fags still fine

  The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are today breathing a collective sigh of relief  after

Grey Squirrels: “Bring it on”

Grey Squirrels across Scotland have responded defiantly to 18 years of us trying to murder them.

Highlands to become Lowlands, Lowlands to become Seabed

Genuine not fake environmental scientists have revealed exciting new predictions for the Highland region in a

Highland Scientists: “Drinking alone better than not drinking at all”

Researchers at the North Highland Institute for Legitimate Science are now recommending drinking alone as a

New-born Lambs Plotting Against us

Highland Scientists have once again revealed that all newborn lambs are plotting against us and should

“Where the fuck did all the trees go?” says Leading Academic

Leading American environmental scientist Jacob Williamson has expressed some concern as to the health of Scotland’s