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“Where the fuck did all the trees go?” says Leading Academic

Leading American environmental scientist Jacob Williamson has expressed some concern as to the health of Scotland’s

Skye Granny Declares War on Asda

  An old woman from Skye has declared war on Asda because the colour scheme is

‘Not Gaelic’ Book Receives Rave Reviews

A new book written by the famous Gaelic scholar Padraig Mhic Phadraig Nic Bhobby Mhic Mac-sohn-son,

Smiling Twat Waves Suitcase at Friends

A smiling twat has waved a suitcase outside of some houses in London unveiling a budget

Democracy ‘holidays in Spain’

  Democracy has this year chosen Spain as its preferred location for its annual holiday from

Mystic Murdo: An Giblean 2015

A bheil thu aonarach, gun stiùireadh no nad amadan? Ma tha, is cinnteach gun còrd Horoscope