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‘Tha na Bananas làidir a Mhairi’ claims leading TV exec

  According to a recent interview with a high ranking television executive, “the bananas are làidir

Smart Alec Hugely Unpopular

Alec Warren of Bonar Bridge has unveiled years of abuse in a heartfelt letter to the

Dreuchdan bàna aig Sgoil Ghàidhlig Glaschu

Tha Sgoil Ghàidhlig Glaschu a-nis a’ sireadh triuir thidsearan, dithis neach-taice agus Minotaur. “Tha sinn coma mu

Highland Midges Seizing the Day

  Hipster Midges are urging others to “seize the day” before almost immediately perishing themselves. “We

An t-Eilean Dubh gu bhith na Eilean Ceart

Tha an t-Eilean dubh gu bhith na Eilean Ceart airson na ciad uair mar phàirt de

Windfarm Summons Dread Lord Cthulhu

Concern is growing in the North Perthshire after a community windfarm  summoned Cthulhu lord of Death

Mystery Booths Confuse Nation

Mystery booths have propped up around the country spreading fear and terror in their wake. The

Niseag na falach às dèidh Connspaid Cocaine

  Tha uilebheist Loch Nis an dùil a bhith na falach airson ùine mhòr as dèidh

Teaghlach rìoghail a’ Cur Fàilte air Baby Donnchadh

Tha an Diùc agus Ban-diùc Chambridge air ainm a thaghadh airson an nighinn aca is i

Staring at Foreigners ok in Eilean Siar

New guidelines published by the Scottish Government have reaffirmed that staring at foreigners is not ok