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Donnie Munro desperately trying to get someone to cover his shift

Fears have been raised that ex-Runrig frontman Donnie Munro might not make his old band’s final

Barbecue achieves perfect mix of dangerously raw / burnt to a crisp

Kevin Ferguson of Caol, Fort William has achieved the perfect balance of completely uncooked and charred

We review Mainland Black Pudding so you don’t have to

Urgh. We know what you are thinking, it’s a Friday night surely we have something to

Gran with 13 layers on absolutely slaying it

Flora MacPhee of South Boisdale is absolutely slaying it with her sleek new 13 jacket winter

Lochaber man’s New Year’s Resolution: Reply Citylink to all Facebook statuses.

Brian Jackson of Banavie is determined to continue his streak of writing “Citylink” on the status

4 Top Tips for ruining the Christmas Work Night Out

Order everything “shaken not stirred”. Regardless of what you are having order it “shaken and not

Chuck D., Rihanna appear on new Mànran single

Gaelic Supergroup Mànran have released a new single with guest appearances by hip-hop veteran Chuck D

Grandad bursts into flames after trying the Korma

A midweek family meal has ended in disaster after Grandad gave the Chicken Korma a go

School Nativity Review: “Your child was brilliant, the rest were terrible.”

Reviews have confirmed that your child’s powerful and groundbreaking performance of “Inn Keeper 3” in the

Delighted Ginger to marry a Normal

Gingers up and down the country have popped open an Irn Bru, a Crabbies or whatever