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Prince George to Baby Brother: “Don’t even think about any Game of Thrones Crap”

Cherub of the nation and future king, Prince George has warned his newborn baby brother not

Killer Whales on the Clyde desperately trying to find a Greggs

A pod of killer whales spotted in the Clyde estuary near Dunoon are desperately searching for

Barbecue achieves perfect mix of dangerously raw / burnt to a crisp

Kevin Ferguson of Caol, Fort William has achieved the perfect balance of completely uncooked and charred

Scottish Government formally declares “Taps aff”.

In a solemn hour long speech to Parliament First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has invoked the ancient

We review Mainland Black Pudding so you don’t have to

Urgh. We know what you are thinking, it’s a Friday night surely we have something to

Portree celebrates opening of new Gaelic School, Hostel and Portal to hell.

Campaigners for the Gaelic language are celebrating the opening of the long fought for Portree Gaelic

Dogs starting to worry after Windrush deportations; Irish Border issue

With old-school racism back with a bang in Brexit Britain, canines across England are starting to

God on Old Firm game – “I let Celtic win to punish Sabbath breaking Protestants.”

The Lord God Almighty has stated in the wake of Celtic’s 4-0 thumping of Rangers in

Marvel’s Infinity War – What can we expect?

  It’s the big cross-over blockbuster event which everyone has been dying to see brought to

Murdo Macleod absolutely delighted with fake Dinosaur Prints

Murdo MacLeod of Staffin, Skye is absolutely chuffed with his latest set of fake dinosaur footprints.