Caravan stops, allows overtaking

Nigel Martin, a caravan owner and former cretin has stopped his vehicle to allow overtaking on the A82.

“We really enjoyed the 14 hour drive up from Gretna, we almost hit 30mph at Glencoe and let me tell you it was thrilling.”

“Twenty is plenty for a reason though chaps.”

“You Scots are so friendly with your incessant honking and flashes of support. It really does mean the world to Audrey and I.”

But friends, there is only so much adulation one can take and we decided to allow another brave pioneer to lead the convoy, god speed angry man in the Ford Mondeo that called me a c*nt”.

Nigel has enjoyed many firsts this holiday being the first caravan owner to be overtaken in his vehicle by both a pushbike, a pram and a slow-grazing herd of majestic red deer.

“Tomorrow we are going to discover a new way to mispronounce Mallaig. T’wil be Epic”.