CalMac forced to bring Renegade Badboy Ferry out of Exile

CalMac has had to resort to desperate measures in order to ease it’s scheduling crisis. The struggling operator have brought renegade badass ferry The  MV Isle of Muck out of exile and back into service.

The MV Isle of Muck first came to prominence after it painted over the M in its name, replacing it with a less family friendly consonant.

Following that there were several incidents involving the dissident vessel:

“Before anyone asks yes this is the ferry that used to serve cormorant and basking shark in the canteen” said a visibly distressed Calmac spokesperson.

“It is also the ferry that replaced the Gaelic welcome speach with Dr. Dre’s beloved 90’s rap classic “Aint nothing but a G thang.”

“It is the ferry that throughout it’s entire 20 year run refused to berth in Jura, because in it’s own words – Jura is a bitch island.”

“But given the state of things round here we really have no choice.”

The final straw came for the MV Isle of Muck when it absconded from the Ludag / Eriskay run on Sunday 23rd of May 2001 to hang out with friends in the East Caribbean.

Four islanders lost their lives from the shock of missing mass.