Caledonian MacTrain? – Join the Daily Gael’s campaign to have Calmac run Scotrail

Unto the Lord belongs the Earth

And all that it contains

Except the Kyles and Western Isles

For they belong to MacBraynes

Yes indeed, that famous misquotation of Psalm 24 has a long history of being used for couthy craic by Oban Times columnists, but surely it’s time with the announcement that Scotrail will be brought in to Public Ownership that the solution already exists.

With Michael Matheson usually concocting wacky schemes for the Calmac network, what better way to forget all that nonsense by rebranding ScotRail as Caledonian MacTrain bringing a touch of the West Coast to Scotland’s rail network.

  • The Daily Gael offer this manifesto
  • Trains from Glasgow which actually connect with the ferry in Mallaig
  • Mezzanine Seating to increase passenger capacity
  • Scotrail trollies now offering Lamb Bhuna and Fish and Half Chips/Half Rice
  • Proper pronunciation of all the placenames on the West and North Highland Lines done by Cathy Bhàn – no more Mah-Layge at Glasgow Queen Street makign you want to throw yourself on the tracks
  • 45 minute check-in times
  • Sweet new Black and Red paint job
  • A passive aggressive man with a moustache handing you your pre-booked tickets
  • Puggies in the game zone by the toilets instead of bike racks
  • Reinstate proper bars on all Ferries including the Loch Seaforth (this isn’t about trains, it’s just commonsense)

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