Broadford Primary to be renamed “the Fairy School”

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Following the success of Skye’s Fairy Pools and Fairy Glen, Highland Council have decided to roll this renaming scheme out across the authority.

Having faced some mild criticism that Broadford Primary School is “damp” and “contains asbestos” it was decided that the school needed an urgent rebrand.

“Renaming a school is much cheaper than building a new one, right enough and the tourists are loving it” said one made up Council spokesperson.   

“Yesterday alone 300 tourists arrived at the Fairy School to take heavily doctored photos and crash their cars. I’d call that a success.”  

“We put up new signs which would have been very reasonable had they not had to be in Gaelic too.”

Gaelic road sign paint is more expensive as it has to be imported from the Western Isles by cormorant.  

Other sites to be renamed include:

Invergordon – The Fairy Port

Fort William – The Fairy Fort

Dounreay Nuclear Power Station – Dounreay the Fairy Nuclear Power Station

Wick – Fick

*Although this is a spoof there have been serious concerns about Broadford Primary for a number of years. Actual news articles below.