BEAR Scotland invent portal to China

Residents are rejoicing in the village of Connel after BEAR Scotland opened up the Western Hemisphere’s first magic portal to China on the A85.

The portal which began as a large pothole, remained a large pothole and continues to be a large pothole has drawn tourists (on foot) from as far afield as Connel shop.

“It is now much quicker to get to Yuinan province than Taynuilt. Hooray” said one local community councillor.

“The A85 potholes provide a vital barrier between Oban and Fort William. Very much like the great wall of our new neighbours the Chinese.”

Like much of Scotland the village of Connel has suffered after it’s tarmac roads were replaced with a mix of crushed brick and Jarlsberg cheese. However the people of Connel remain upbeat:

“Last night I went to get a sausage roll from the shop and came home with some delicious authentic Chinese food and a Panda.

“The Panda was delicious! Thank you BEAR Scotland!”.