Barbecue achieves perfect mix of dangerously raw / burnt to a crisp

Kevin Ferguson of Caol, Fort William has achieved the perfect balance of completely uncooked and charred to a cinder while enjoying a barbecue with friends.

“It’s amazing how Kevin gets the chicken nice and pink in the middle but yet it still looks like it’s been bathed in napalm”.

“I can’t wait to tell the lads at the Belford A and E about this tonight!” said Donald, a Salmonella enthusiast and Kevin’s oldest friend.

“The secret is to pre-burn the food in the woodburner to ensure it doesn’t get cooked on the barbecue” smiled Kevin.

“I usually pour a little lighter fluid on at the end just to give a little extra tang.”

Although Kevin is delighted with today’s success he is already making plans to push the boundaries further:

“Once we get that chlorinated chicken from the States I’m going to start cooking it with a lighter.”

Good luck Kevin, Lochaber believes in you!