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Stupid idiot proposes stupid idiot idea

Michael Matheson, Scotland’s Transport Secretary, revealed today that he was looking at charging ferry users more

Western Isles Labour launch Tickle-Me-Almo doll

The Labour Party in the Western Isles are attempting to win back the Na h-Eileanan An

Island councils crapping it over Brexit

Scotland’s Island Councils, Orkney, Shetland and Western Isles have suddenly realised that they are f*cked with

Airbnb names Hebrides in ‘places where we screwed up the housing market for young people’ list

Airbnb has named the Outer Hebrides in a list of places where the online accommodation booking

Local man, 38, had a “hoora good” time over Christmas and New Year

Ryan MacPherson, 38, from Lochinver is preparing to return to work tomorrow ready to tell his

Cùmhnant-aiseagan Brexit ga thoirt gu Anndra agus Iain bho Bannan

Fhuaras deagh naidheachd le muinntir Chamuis an-diugh gun deach Iain agus Anndra – dithis bhalach tapaidh

Refugee Crisis declared as four Lewismen wander into Harris

“Time to panic” is the official message coming from the Home Office after four lads from

Inverness man accidentally jogs into pub, distillery, kebab shop, back to pub

Two days into his journey to godliness Donald MacLeod of Inverness has hit a small snag

Calmac: We might be sh*t but at least we have boats

Calmac are coming into 2019 swinging by reminding customers that unlike some of the competition they

Hearach breaks Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch – Keeps on ending up on the deoch

 Netflix’s new choose your own adventure Black Mirror from the twisted mind of satirist Charlie Brooker