Arnish Yard to reopen then close at some point

That hardy perennial in Gaelic news bulletins, the miraculous resurrection/imminent threatened closure of the Arnish Fabrication Yard in Lewis, looks like it should rumble on for at least a couple of more years.

Rumours of new contracts to build some hefty fence-posts for an offshore wind-farm are circulating, which means the workforce who have been paid-off more than Prince Andrew’s minders over the years, will be back to work at some point.

“Now that Cailleachs don’t use mothballs anymore, we sell them all for mothballing Arnish. HIE and the Scottish Government pay a decent rate for them whenever whatever Fabrication company goes belly-up.” Said Akram from Akram’s General Store in Harris.

Alasdair Allan MSP said, “I’m pretty much copying and pasting the press release by this point. Is it opening or shutting this time around?”