Archie the Intern removed from Tiree Embassy by force, faces extradition to Comhairle nan Eilean

The Highland satirical journalism world was in shock last night after the forced removal of the Daily Gael’s often put upon intern Archie MacKinnon from the Tiree Embassy in Glasgow.

Archie had been hiding out in the flat of a Tiristeach for the last few weeks after a heavy session in the Park Bar that he went on after being accused of touching a sheep in Mull.

The rumours about the Archie’s interest in the Muileach sheep died down around the Friday after, despite the attempts of his pal Big John to keep the yarn going via Snapchat. However, he continued to sleep on the sofa, eating plain pasta and drinking Dark Fruits, until he was removed at 2pm yesterday by members of the Grammar Poileas.

A spokesman for the Tiristeach Embassy said “Archie has broken diplomatic protocols several times by refusing to do a carryout run and by being a clarty bastard in general. We regret that we had to turf him out using a big Barrach back on shore leave, but we did it on the basis that he’ll only get sent to a local authority that actually lives up to its Gaelic plan.”

Archie is being held in a holding pen outside An Leanag and has not yet had a chance to speak to his lawyers. A major worry is that he faces deportation to Stornoway for slagging the Western Isles off one too many times about being a bit crap for Gaelic over on our sister twitter site “WikiGaelics”.

The Daily Gael editorial team had this to say “He may be a little creepy and sometimes we’ve suspected he might be a Bòrd na Gàidhlig plant due to his general incompetence, but we value the work that Archie has done for satirical banter in the Gàidhealtachd and we won’t stop until he’s free to come back and make tea for us again. The craic is the zenith of free speech and nothing should get in the way of that. #FreeArchie.”