Anton Danyluk labels Ruth Davidson an ’embarrassment to Scots’

It’s safe to say that former Bake Off star Ruth Davidson used to cause a stir back before last year’s Love Island kicked off.

But with this year’s Love Island getting underway it seems that the nation isn’t won over by her North British charm anymore as the 40-year-old MSP and reality wannabe was labelled an “embarrassment” to her home nation.

The self-proclaimed next First Minister of Scotland from Selkirk was full of confidence as she returned to the steps of Holyrood a few weeks ago

Reintroducing herself to the Scottish voters by flagging up her opposition to another Independence Referendum straight away, and no other policies, Ruth only managed to get one tenth of Scots to step forward for her in recent elections – but nobody is admitting to being one of those people.

And, while this small minority of sociopaths still seem pleased with the “Jock”-ular Brit, (a more significant majority of Jocko sociopaths voted for the Brexit Party) it seems that the public switches off when she comes on screen.

Having already been informed of some controversial moments in Ruth’s political life – including the alleged Tory “blacked-up” money scandal and suddenly deciding Boris Johnson is spiffing chap – it appears that voters aren’t having any of her patter.

Described by one user on Twitter as an “making her yearn for the flaccid embrace of Jackson Carlaw” and “A half-baked Anne Widdecombe” by another, the scathing comments came thick and fast.

Scottish National Hero and Love Island’s Anton Danyluk said “I think she’s a bit of an embarrassment now. All style and no substance sadly. You think I’ve got a wandering eye, think about those Tories who’ll have a wandering eye for the charms of Adam Tomkins as leader. I might have had very poor judgement and blacked up as Mr. T, but I pity the fool who still thinks that Ruth Davidson is a credible figure to lead the devolved governance of a nation.”