“An Affront to God and an Abomination” – The Free Church Continuing reviews Nitework’s ‘Air Fàir an Là’

Hello. Yes, well.

Enough pleasantries, here is the Free Church Continuing’s review of Nitework’s latest abomination.

Let us be painfully clear, we at the church do not approve of the Niteworks – their sinful music, their effeminate dress sense or their idolatrous worship of Julie Fowlis.

Their entire new album ‘Air Fàir an Là’-  which will be released on the 17th of August on computers and tape – is in blatant defiance of the lesser known 11th commandment.

“Though shalt not mix pipes with synth.”

Our respected former Elder Calum John MacMillan listened to track number 6 and is now not only an atheist but a lesbian.

Track number seven however was slightly less unpleasant, although we had to cut off Bessie MacLellan’s foot when she started tapping it.

We note – with disdain – the band’s musical progression but this album will do little to quell rumours that drummer Ruairidh Graham is the Antichrist.

However, we do appreciate a couple of island boys doing well for themselves. We wish them all the best in their short sinful lives on this earth – before they are cast unto the fires of hell.

6 / 10