Aberdeen South tricked by ‘blindingly obvious’ prank MP

An Aberdeen UK Parliamentary constituency has been embarrassed as it is revealed they were hoodwinked into voting for Ross Thomson.

The Conservative Party, a satirical production company known to work closely with the BBC on their long running farcical black comedy The United Kingdom, designed the prank MP to look and act like a normal human being who was duly elected in 2017 by Aberdeen South.

A constituent said ‘I never questioned whether Ross Thomson was real, and he did seem to make crackpot rightwing views look cool.’

“On reflection, all the warning signs were there and it was blindingly obvious but I along with many of my fellow constituents were tired of referendums and Sturgeon so we literally voted for any bampot in a suit and a blue rosette.”

A spokesperson for David Mundell said “Ye think Davie is bad noo do ye? He’ll be King o’ North Britain yet, let us tell ye this.”

In other news, the Conservative Party have launched a new app called PlentyOfFish  but which is only going to be available in Spain despite expectations it would be launched exclusively in North East Scotland.