A82 to be renamed the “Tyre Denier”

Having failed in their attempt to shake the A82’s reputation as the worst road in Scotland, BEAR have instead decided to re-brand the major artery as “The Tyre Denier – Scotland’s Knarliest road“.

“Wooooooah, extrrrrreeeeeme” whooped a motorist travelling at 4 miles per hour through Crianlarich.

“Kalabunga duuuuuude” yelled another while changing a tyre in the pissing rain at Balloch.

“Knaaaaaarly man” bellowed one thrill seeking sadist having a nap in their car at the Green Welly Stop.

BEAR Scotland are said to be delighted with the re-branding exercise:

“This is the best idea we have had since we rebranded the A9 North as Scotland’s Most Scenic Road-like Substance”.

Pressure has been building on Transport Secretary Humza Yousaf to address Scotland’s deteriorating roads ever since he was apprehended gently placing a herd of red deer onto the A82 carriageway at Glencoe Ski Centre.