Entire KFC supply chain diverted to your Nan

Reports have emerged that all of KFC’s supply chain has been diverted to your Nan because

Local Chinese Takeaway staff showing Teuchters how to really celebrate a New Year

Conon Bridge’s Malcolm Mackenzie had an epiphany last night. Knocking off early on a Friday he

A82 to be renamed the “Tyre Denier”

Having failed in their attempt to shake the A82’s reputation as the worst road in Scotland,

Early Briton had dark Skin, dark Hair, blue Passport

Britain’s racists and loons have been left bewildered by the news that early Britons had dark

BEAR Scotland invent portal to China

Residents are rejoicing in the village of Connel after BEAR Scotland opened up the Western Hemisphere’s

Shinty players excitedly awaiting list of postponed games and walkovers

Shinty players from all across the Highlands and Aberdour (really? Amazing what Wikipedia tells you) are

“We boiled that haggis alive”.

Theresa May is currently sleeping off a hearty Burn’s night meal after devouring Scotland’s national animal

Tory Minister to Russians: Back off, we’ve got this.

UK Defence Minister Gavin Williamson has said that Russia is planning attacks on Britain which might

Supply teacher continuing Burn’s Night with MacCaig’s Day

                Norman MacCaig is thought of by many as

Local woman is totally not against Gaelic but…

A local woman has gone on a Facebook rant regarding the opening of the new Portree