West Coast Festival Not Even Bothering to Print New Posters Next Year

“Pretty much going to be the same bands as last year” says organiser.

“It was either Mugabe or Hunt” say WHO

The UK Government has registered its disgust at Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe being made a World

Mòd 2022 awarded to Qatar

An Comunn Gàidhealach have announced that the 2022 Royal National Mòd, the annual celebration of Gaelic

Comhairle nan Eilean a’ sireadh bheachdan air a’ phlana Ghàidhlig dheireannach aca

Tha Comhairle nan Eilean air fios a chur a-mach gu bheil iad a’ sireadh bheachdan airson

Ryanair to be renamed “Flight-W*nker”

In an effort to further expectations budget airline Ryanair have elected to rebrand lowering expectations “beyond

West Highland Free Press to mark Kinlochshiel’s Premiership win with special commemorative edition marking Skye’s 1990 Camanachd Cup win

As the small West Coast communities which make up the newly crowned shinty champions of Scotland,

Boris Johnson caught reciting 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” in Stornoway Free Church.

Having caused controversy earlier in the week by reciting a colonial era poem by revered poet

Catalan Referendum: “We are the good guys” insists riot gear clad lunatic with massive club.

Spanish Civil Police are heroically defending the Catalan people from having to decide whether they want

Playboy Magazine to be replaced by Uist’s own “Mince and T*tties”.

Following the tragic passing of Hugh ” Viagra Hands” Heffner the community of South Uist has

Vatersay Turtle had over 400 Scones in Stomach

Coroners have confirmed that a Giant Leatherback Turtle that washed up on Vatersay was killed by